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Category Archives: Life After Bankruptcy

In this section, we discuss questions our Arizona clients often encounter after completing their bankruptcy.  Topics include rebuilding your credit after bankruptcy and how to avoid getting into debt.

Did You Know that You Can Keep Assets after Filing Bankruptcy?

United States bankruptcy law isn’t designed to leave petitioners in a worse position than when they sought relief. This would only perpetuate further financial struggles and bankruptcy. Instead, filing for bankruptcy is often the first step in achieving financial freedom. Only one type of bankruptcy, Chapter 7, actually forces the liquidation and distribution of your […]

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How to Restore Your Credit After Bankruptcy in Arizona

It is a common misconception that bankruptcy will destroy a person’s credit for several year. Many of my Arizona bankruptcy clients think that restoring credit after bankruptcy is difficult or impossible.  In fact, while bankruptcy may reduce a person’s credit score (depending on how high it is before bankruptcy), the credit score can be improved […]

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