OURSuccessful Case Resolutions

As your trusted Mesa and Tucson Bankruptcy Attorney, Yusufov Law Firm PLLC has successfully litigated and resolved countless bankruptcy cases throughout Arizona. Our goal, whether we are handling a business or personal bankruptcy case, is to help get you back on your financial feet. Call us today for a free consultation, and start getting a good night sleep: (520) 745-4429.

Below are just a few examples of our more complex cases. In addition to these examples, we have successfully handled numerous Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy cases.

Our clients in this case had filed for bankruptcy without a lawyer, and obtained a mortgage modification through the bankruptcy. However, the mortgage company refused to comply with the modification agreement. After unsuccessfully trying for many months to get the mortgage company to comply, the clients hired our firm. We filed a lawsuit against the mortgage company, and eventually went to trial, after which the bankruptcy court ruled that the mortgage company had to comply with the modification agreement. However, because the bankruptcy court did not award adequate damages to our clients, we appealed to the United States District Court. The District Court ruled in our favor, and we ultimately recovered emotional distress damages and obtained other relief for our clients.
We represented a Chapter 7 debtor with private student loan debt well in excess of $100,000. Because student loans are not automatically discharged in bankruptcy, we filed a lawsuit to determine their dischargeability. The lender opposed our request, so we took the case to trial. After trial, the bankruptcy judge agreed with us and held that all of the private student loans were discharged.
We filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy for a business that was struggling with significant unsecured debt, tax liabilities, and a burdensome lease that the landlord was not willing to modify. We were able to renegotiate the lease and lower the lease payments. We also reduced the unsecured debt by 80%, and stretched out the repayment of taxes to 5 years.
In this Chapter 11 bankruptcy, we represented a real estate investor with multiple properties over-encumbered by mortgages, and with significant unsecured debt. We were able to eliminate the second mortgages on all of the properties, and to significantly reduce the first mortgages, resulting in significantly lower monthly payments. We also almost completely eliminated the unsecured debt.
In this case, we represented a gas station business that was facing foreclosure of the mortgage secured by the gas station facility. We filed the Chapter 11 bankruptcy on an emergency basis to stop the foreclosure. Thereafter, we were able to reduce the mortgage to the value of the property, resulting in an almost 50% reduction in the mortgage balance and monthly payments.