Managing personal finances effectively is crucial for preventing financial distress and avoiding the negative impacts of uncontrolled debt. Here are some budgeting techniques you can
When it comes to managing your finances, an emergency fund can be an important safeguard against financial crises.  Building and maintaining an emergency fund can

Student Loan Forgiveness Through The IDR Waiver

By German Yusufov | Updated Apr 5,2024
The Department of Education recently launched the IDR Waiver, a program enabling federal student loan borrowers to receive credit toward loan forgiveness. If you’ve been repaying your federal
If you are one of the approximately 7.5 million federal student loan borrowers with defaulted loans, you will want to take full advantage of the
Student loans are the second largest portion of all consumer debt in the United States, behind only mortgages.  But, because of the special legal protections

How To Choose The Right Phoenix Or Mesa Bankruptcy Attorney

By German Yusufov | Updated Feb 9,2023
If you are considering filing bankruptcy in Phoenix or Mesa, Arizona, you are likely already in a stressful situation, and the search for the right

All About Reaffirmation Agreements in Bankruptcy

By German Yusufov | Updated Jun 8,2022
Today I want to talk about reaffirmation agreements because it is a topic that is likely to come up if you are researching your bankruptcy

Common Questions About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

By German Yusufov | Updated Dec 9,2021
These are answers to some of the most frequent questions I hear from my Tucson and Mesa clients considering Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  For a general
If you are being sued for a debt, such as a credit card, personal loan, or a medical bill, one of the most important factors

How Many Times Can I File for Bankruptcy in Arizona?

By German Yusufov | Updated Aug 20,2021
There is a lot of misinformation out there about whether a person can file multiple bankruptcies, and when successive bankruptcies can be filed in relation

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