Did You Know That You Can Keep Assets After Filing Bankruptcy?

By German Yusufov | Updated Apr 28,2020
United States bankruptcy law isn’t designed to leave petitioners in a worse position than when they sought relief. This would only perpetuate further financial struggles
For those who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the CARES Act passed by Congress in March

Can My Landlord Evict Me During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

By German Yusufov | Updated Apr 22,2020
With millions of people currently out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people are falling behind on their rent payments, and are worried

Facing Bankruptcy in Tucson?

By German Yusufov | Updated Apr 14,2020
Although commonly seen as a last resort, bankruptcy is actually a new beginning. Bankruptcy protections were written into the United States Constitution because they provide

Filing for Bankruptcy in Tucson – Now What?

By German Yusufov | Updated Mar 13,2020
When you make the important decision to file for bankruptcy, you must start your case by filing a petition with the proper bankruptcy court. The

Taking the Necessary Steps to Prevent Bankruptcy

By German Yusufov | Updated Mar 6,2020
Bankruptcy laws provide debt relief for consumers in the Phoenix area, the State of Arizona, and across the United States. However, with the benefits of

Bankruptcy Myths and Misconceptions

By German Yusufov | Updated Oct 15,2019
There are several myths and misconceptions about bankruptcy floating around the internet.  Some of them are spread by creditors and companies trying to sell “debt

Debt Settlement vs Bankruptcy: Pros and Cons

By German Yusufov | Updated Aug 23,2019
If you are struggling with debt that you cannot pay, you have probably been told, or have read on the internet, that two of the

Can I Keep My Car in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

By German Yusufov | Updated Jul 4,2019
Many people incorrectly think that if they file for bankruptcy, they have to give up everything they own, including their car.  This is not correct. 

How to Stop a Wage Garnishment Right Now

By German Yusufov | Updated Jun 5,2019
Have you received a notice from your employer that your wages are about to be garnished?  Or, was your last paycheck garnished without you even

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