Can Bankruptcy Affect My Credit Score?

By German Yusufov | Updated Jul 20,2021
Credit scores have become an omnipresent part of our lives—your credit score can affect whether you can get a credit card, rent an apartment, qualify

Filing for Bankruptcy in Tucson and Phoenix: A Detailed Guide

By German Yusufov | Updated Jun 7,2021
If you are considering filing for bankruptcy in Tucson or Phoenix, Arizona, the process can seem intimidating and overwhelming.  And because most people filing for
One of the effects of the COVID pandemic has been that many more people became reliant on unemployment compensation and benefits.  At the same time,

Arizona Bankruptcy Law Updates for 2021

By German Yusufov | Updated Jan 20,2021
With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to drag down the economy and creating financial hardships for individuals and small businesses, it is likely that bankruptcy will

Is There a Right Time to File for Bankruptcy in Arizona?

By German Yusufov | Updated Dec 15,2020
A question I often encounter from my Tucson and Phoenix clients is if there is a right time to file for bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy can help

Top Questions to Ask When Filing for Bankruptcy in 2021

By German Yusufov | Updated Dec 1,2020
The COVD-19 pandemic that has been gripping the world over the last year has upended daily life for the majority of people both nationwide and

What Will I Lose If I File For Bankruptcy?

By German Yusufov | Updated Oct 21,2020
There is a common misconception that a person filing for bankruptcy will lose everything he or she has.  That is not true.  Both the bankruptcy

Role of Creditors in Bankruptcy in Arizona

By German Yusufov | Updated Jul 31,2020
Bankruptcy is designed to give individuals and businesses a fresh financial start.  However, another purpose of bankruptcy is to ensure that the creditors are treated

Do I Qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

By German Yusufov | Updated May 22,2020
In a recent year, more than 477,000 consumers and businesses filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in United States Bankruptcy Courts across the country. This type

How Long Does a Bankruptcy Case Take?

By German Yusufov | Updated May 8,2020
When you make the decision to file bankruptcy, it is important that you understand how the process generally works. One of the first questions we

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