How to Use Bankruptcy to Stop an Eviction

By German Yusufov | Updated Mar 25,2019
Do you rent your residence?  Is your landlord threatening to evict you?  If so, bankruptcy may help you avoid eviction.  In this article, I will

Common Questions About Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

By German Yusufov | Updated Feb 18,2019
These are answers to some of the most frequent questions I hear from my Tucson and Mesa clients considering Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  For a general

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Filing for Bankruptcy in Arizona

By German Yusufov | Updated Feb 12,2019
Bankruptcy can be very effective in eliminating debt and getting your life back on track.  But for those trying to file for bankruptcy without a

Will Arizona Bankruptcy Affect My Security Clearance?

By German Yusufov | Updated Jan 21,2017
A common question I receive from military clients, and clients working in security-sensitive areas, is whether filing for bankruptcy will affect their security clearance. The

Form 1099-C and Debt Forgiveness in Arizona

By German Yusufov | Updated Jan 8,2017
One of the ways to deal with excessive debt is to negotiate a debt forgiveness or debt reduction agreement.  However, most people are surprised to

New Mortgage Modification Program Coming to Arizona

By German Yusufov | Updated Oct 24,2016
For those struggling to make their mortgage payments, and having even more difficulty getting their mortgage company to respond to their mortgage modification requests, a

How to Restore Your Credit After Bankruptcy in Arizona

By German Yusufov | Updated Jun 13,2016
It is a common misconception that bankruptcy will destroy a person’s credit for several year. Many of my Arizona bankruptcy clients think that restoring credit

Can Business Bankruptcy in Tucson Help You Stay in Business?

By German Yusufov | Updated Apr 17,2016
  A common misconception is that filing for bankruptcy means financial failure. This could not be further from the truth, especially when it comes to

Do I Need a Bankruptcy Lawyer? – A Judge’s View

By German Yusufov | Updated Mar 4,2016
For those struggling with debt, hiring a bankruptcy lawyer can seem like yet another expense that they can't afford.  In the video below, bankruptcy judge

How to Avoid Debt Collection Scams in Arizona

By German Yusufov | Updated Feb 9,2016
  In recent months, I have been contacted by a number of people who have fallen victim to debt collection scams.  The essence of the

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