Debts Not Discharged in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

By German Yusufov | Updated Feb 10,2015
A Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharges many types of debt. However, there are some debts that are not discharged in Chapter 7. The list of non-dischargeable

Difference between the U.S. Trustee and a Bankruptcy Trustee?

By German Yusufov | Updated Jan 23,2015
If you are contemplating bankruptcy, you may hear or see references to the U.S. Trustee or a bankruptcy trustee, and wonder what the difference may
Real estate bankruptcy has risen.  With the financial downturn of the last several years, and the corresponding deterioration of lease rates for real estate, many

The Basics of Financial Planning and Dealing with Debt

By German Yusufov | Updated Dec 13,2013
As a bankruptcy attorney, I am used to counseling individuals and families who are struggling with debt. But what I still cannot get used to

Can A Creditor Come After Me If I Co-Signed For A Loan?

By German Yusufov | Updated Nov 28,2013
The short answer is yes. I see this situation all the time: parents co-sign loans for their children, family members co-sign for each other, and

Should I Hire A Bankruptcy Attorney?

By German Yusufov | Updated Feb 9,2011
If you are considering bankruptcy, your finances are probably already very tight, so paying for a bankruptcy attorney can seem almost counter intuitive--after all,if you
I get contacted almost every week by people who were attempting to do a mortgage modification (also known as loan modification) through their mortgage company,

What Happens To My Property When I File For Bankruptcy?

By German Yusufov | Updated May 11,2010
Almost all of us own property. When the term “property” is mentioned, most people think of land or a house. However, property includes any item

Should Spouses File For Joint Bankruptcy?

By German Yusufov | Updated Apr 23,2010
Today I want to talk about an issue that is important to every married couple considering bankruptcy—whether both spouses should file. The question comes up

When Should You File For Bankruptcy?

By German Yusufov | Updated Apr 12,2010
Filing For Bankruptcy Considerations A question I am often asked by clients is "When do I file for bankruptcy?" If you are considering bankruptcy, it

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