Assistance with Resolving Student Loan Debt

If you are struggling with student loan debt, you are one of millions of Americans who are in the same situation as you.  Student loan debt can be overwhelming, and eliminating it, or even getting help with adjusting your payments, has in in the past proven very difficult.  Whether you have federal student loans or private student loans, we offer a full range of student loan assistance options.

Federal Student Loan Solutions

If you have one or more federal student loans, there are a number of different options available to you, depending on the type of loan and its current repayment status.  Whether you have a Direct Loan, a Stafford Loan, a Perkins Loan, or any other type of federal student loan, we can provide any of the following applicable services:

  • Income-based repayment plans—if your federal loan payments are current, we can find the repayment plan that provides you the lowest payments, and prepare and submit the documents necessary for you to be enrolled in your chosen plan
  • Resolving delinquencies and defaults—if you are behind on your student loan payments in any amount, we can help you cure the delinquency or default, and get onto an affordable repayment plan
  • Rehabilitation—a process for getting student loans out of default.  We will ensure that you get the greatest benefit out of the rehabilitation process, prepare all the necessary paperwork, and guide you through the rehabilitation process.
  • Consolidation—a process for combining several federal loans into one loan, which also allows curing of prior defaults.  We will advise you on whether consolidation is the right option in your situation, prepare the necessary paperwork, and ensure that you take the steps necessary to maximize the benefits of consolidation.
  • Fresh Start—this one-time program provides special options for getting out of default.  If you are eligible for this program, we can assist you with submitting the application within the applicable deadlines to ensure that you get the full benefit of this program.
  • Assistance with deferments and forbearance—if you are looking for a temporary pause in payments, we can assist you in applying for one of these programs.  We will also advise you if deferment or forbearance is a good option in your situation.
  • Federal loan forgiveness—there are several loan forgiveness programs available for federal student loans.  We can evaluate your eligibility, guide you through the applicable requirements, and submit the necessary application on your behalf.  The loan forgiveness options include the following:
    • Public service loan forgiveness
    • Teacher loan forgiveness
    • Perkins loan cancellation
  • Discharge of federal student loans—administrative discharge allows you to request elimination of your loans on one of several permissible grounds.  We will evaluate your eligibility, prepare the necessary documents, and ensure that the application contains the appropriate information and supporting documentation to maximize your likelihood of discharge.  Grounds for an administrative discharge include the following:
    • Disability discharge—applies if you are totally and permanently disabled
    • Discharge for fraud or misrepresentation by the school
    • Forgery discharge—applies when your signature is forged or your information is used without permission
    • Closed school discharge—applies when your school closes before you can complete your education
  • Bankruptcy discharge—allows elimination of student loans through the bankruptcy process.  We will evaluate your eligibility for discharge, file the bankruptcy, and conduct the litigation necessary to obtain a discharge determination from the bankruptcy court or the Department of Justice

Private Student Loan Solutions

Private student loans can impose an even greater burden than federal loans, because the interest rate is often higher, and the options for loan modification are very limited.  Private student loans can also present unique challenges, because oftentimes it is difficult to even determine whether the loan qualifies for the protections afforded to student loans.  We offer a full range of loan assistance options for private student loans, including:

  • Evaluation of whether the private student loan is eligible for student loan protections
  • Modification of private student loans
  • Settlement of private student loan debt
  • Litigation and defense of private student loan lawsuits
  • Bankruptcy discharge of private student loans

Discuss Your Rights And Options With A Qualified Student Loan Attorney

To learn what student loan resolution options would work best in your situation, please reach out to a student loan attorney at Yusufov Law Firm PLLC.  You can schedule a no-obligation student loan consultation here, or call us at (520) 745-4429 in Tucson, or (480) 788-0098 in Phoenix.


To learn more about managing and eliminating student loans, read our Ultimate Guide to Eliminating Student Loans.

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