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Tucson Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy can stop collector harassment, prevent home foreclosure, and help you get back on the right financial path. For business owners, bankruptcy can help restructure debt and allow the business to continue operating. At Yusufov Law Firm, your preferred Mesa, Phoenix and Tucson bankruptcy attorney, our foremost goal is to help you resolve your financial difficulties and get your life back on track. If you are considering bankruptcy and would like expert consultation and help understanding the process, Yusufov Law Firm is here to help.

Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney to Help You Get out of Debt

Whether you are facing foreclosure, are in danger of losing your car, have overwhelming medical bills, want to stop creditors from harassing you, or want to save your business and reorganize your debts, we can provide options to help you address your debt problems.

We have experience dealing with all types of financial problems encountered by individuals and businesses. We will analyze your specific circumstances and prepare an individualized strategy designed to deal with your concerns. Call us today at (520) 745-4429 in Tucson or (480) 788-0098 in Mesa/Phoenix for a free consultation.

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Client Testimonials

"Mr. Yusufov was very informative and made the process go smoothly. He was very timely in responding to my questions and concerns. He knows and understands the bankruptcy laws! I have referred several of my friends to Mr. Yusufov’s law firm."- M.C.

"Mr. Yusufov gave me a sense of ease that allowed me to explain my situation without being judged. All my questions were answered and I felt like he understood me. I’m glad I followed through on my instinct to use him. Thank you for all your help."- S.L.

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Personal Attention and Honest Advice

Choosing a bankruptcy attorney can be a nerve-racking process. That is why we provide a free consultation to help you understand your rights and options. We will give you honest advice on whether bankruptcy is the right choice for you, and will always let you know what alternatives to bankruptcy may be available. Further, we are always available to answer any questions or concerns our clients may have as their cases progress.

We know that getting quality information and advice about the bankruptcy process is essential to making the right decision about your financial future. We will lay out your options, clearly explain bankruptcy laws relevant to your situation, and help you ensure that the bankruptcy process goes smoothly.

About the Bankruptcy Process

Bankruptcy is the legal procedure that allows individuals, businesses, and other organizations to
get relief from burdensome debts, either by modifying the repayment schedule, reducing the debt, or eliminating it altogether.

Mesa and Tucson Bankruptcy Attorney

Have Questions? Schedule a Free Consultation

Whether you’re an individual overwhelmed by debt or a business struggling to stay afloat, we are here to help you understand your debt relief options and assist you in taking hold of your finances and getting a fresh start. Answers to your debt relief questions are just a phone call away. Contact us via our website or give us a call at (520) 745-4429 in Tucson or (480) 788-0098 in Mesa/Phoenix today.

About German Yusufov

Tucson and Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyer | Yusufov Law Firm | German-YusufovMr. Yusufov, your experienced Phoenix/Mesa and Tucson Bankruptcy Attorney, has been involved in hundreds of cases, ranging from personal bankruptcies of individuals and families, to the bankruptcies of major national and international corporations.

Because of the breadth of his experience, Mr. Yusufov is able to help individuals and businesses facing financial difficulties regardless of the complexity of their case or the nature of their financial problems.

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Top Frequently Asked Questions

How will bankruptcy affect my credit?

There is no single answer to this question. Under the current federal law, a bankruptcy can remain on a person’s credit history for up to 10 years. On the other hand, most individuals who file for bankruptcy already have poor credit. In some situations, bankruptcy may even improve a person’s credit, because bankruptcy can eliminate many debts and thus improve a person’s financial situation.

Will bankruptcy stop wage garnishments?

Yes, filing for bankruptcy will stop most wage garnishments. However, bankruptcy will not stop wage garnishments based on a domestic support obligation, like child support.  For more, read our Ultimate Guide to Stopping Garnishment in Arizona.

What debts can be discharged (eliminated) in bankruptcy?

Most unsecured debts can be discharged in bankruptcy. This includes credit card balances, medical bills, and personal loans. In addition, some secured debts, like judicial liens, can be discharged if they impair an exemption in a debtor’s property.

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Student Loan Defense and Settlement

Student loan debt presents unique problems because, with limited exceptions, it is generally not dischargeable in bankruptcy, and therefore student loan lenders have little incentive to negotiate a settlement. However, there are ways to settle student loan debt, to eliminate it through litigation, or to even discharge it in bankruptcy. We have extensive experience representing student loan debtors, and have successfully defended clients in court against student loan debt collection through settlement, through litigation, and through bankruptcy.

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