Filing for bankruptcy was a decision that I wrestled with for over two years. At one point, a friend had given me some advise that if I was going to have to make a hard decision, that it should be my decision and not one forced on me. That advice lead me to interview various bankruptcy attorneys and educate myself as much as possible on what options I had. When I ultimately chose to file for bankruptcy, I felt like I had exhausted all other options and I was to a point financially that bankruptcy was looking like the best solution for my particular situation.

I had talked to five other bankruptcy attorneys over two years prior to meeting Mr. Yusufov. With the attorneys that I interviewed, I knew that all of them were competent. However, filing for bankruptcy is a very big decision, and it was one that I wanted to be 100% comfortable with, as well as needing to be completely comfortable with the counsel that I chose to represent me. If I couldn’t find the comfort level that I was looking for, I ultimately would have chosen the attorney that I felt would provide the best fit. I can say that I felt 100% comfortable with Mr. Yusufov from the first meeting that I had with him. I immediately sensed that Mr. Yusufov was very bright and that he would represent me during the bankruptcy proceedings in a manner that would best serve my particular situation. I got the sense that Mr. Yusufov would take my thoughts and concerns into account prior to advising me on any particular matter. I also believed that Mr. Yusufov had the moral and mental fortitude to give me the best advise particular to my situation–even if the advise he were to give me was at odds with my own thoughts on a situation. In short, I believed that I would have an advocate that was looking out for the best solution for me and that I would not be treated as just another number. That belief lasted throughout the entire bankruptcy proceeding and is a belief that proved to be true.

I am happy with the outcome of the case, and I believe that Mr. Yusufov was a big part of that outcome. If someone were in a similar financial situation, I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Mr. Yusufov.